Demo 2012

by Bullet Belt

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  • Divided Youth (Demo 2012)
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    Limited cassette, only 80 made, two covers (Bay Area tribute for metalheads or NYHC tribute for hc/punk kids).

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released November 6, 2012

Recorded in 2012 by Czaja and Mustache Ministry.



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Bullet Belt Warszawa, Poland

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Track Name: Scene Games
Who is right? Who is wrong?

All those things, I should let go

Mouths are open, envy flows

They can hate me, but I won't stop

Cause "king" once said "hate me now"

If he can stand it, the more should I

Take your best shot, do it quick

Or better now, get on with this shit

Scene games, corrupt us all,

But I'll be better than the rest

I found my place, I want my peace!

I won't compete, better deal with it!

Who is right? Who is wrong?

All those things, I can't let go

They think they knew, better than me

What's precious, what's dear for me

Find some strength, speak to my face

Don't look for a shelter behind friends back

You are all the same, and always will

No one of you fucks is better than me

Scene games, corrupt us all,
But I'll be better than the rest
I found my place, I want my peace!
I won't compete, better deal with it!

When I have so many friends

Closely watching my back

I can't help but wonder

How many hide their knives?!
Track Name: The Signs
I say these words out loud

Let there be darkness upon my soul

Hurting my knees can't bring any peace, or security

Can't you see the signs?

Not in clouds, but in our lives

Stuck in a hopeless situation,

No one wants to fight back

I beg you!

Stand up!

From your knees!

So I pray to no one,

I ain't preaching and I don't care

Even in my darkest hour

My only song is blasphemy!

You can't love the one you fear

You can't trust the one you hate

Am I born insane or that's me at my peace?

I refuse visions of afterlife, one hell is just enough!
Track Name: Kurtz's Confession
I bleed alone, trapped in this nightmare

All I see is horror, the horror that you've seen

War has no meaning, but has its own face

Face you should learn to recognize as a friend

This is war!

Order given!

The damage is done!

Skin turns into camo, and in my bruised hands

I hide no blade, I hide horrors

My eyes closed now, and I choke on blood

I'm guilty as them, so now I confess!

God doesn't exist so I created one,

And gave him my crown of horns

He watches me closely with eyes dry and dead,

My guardian as I sleep
Track Name: Right To Die
I'm sorry, I really don't care

If I live through another day

I stand here wounded and beaten

Trapped in desperation

One day I finish myself,

One day I'll hang my head.

Finish it all, on my own terms,

Just not today!

Deep inside you know I'm right,

Even if they taught you otherwise

You can't force anyone to live

Give me some freedom to decide,

What's good for me even if ain't right

but I'll live as loud as I can,

Just for my right to die

My life is mine

So stay away now!

Right to die!
Track Name: Whiskey Madness
We're marching in order,

Dressed so fine in suits and ties

Eight hours is never enough

To accomplish our goals

So if you never questioned

Your place in this machine

Just stay, I'll leave you here

And go drink by myself

I fear another morning,

Will break my finally

Isolation between this desks,

Cables and silver screens

It used to be my liquid courage,

Now I'm happy if it blurs my thoughts

One drink leads to another

Welcome to my whiskey madness!
Track Name: Divided Youth
What happened to wolf pack,

The cub is howling alone

No one should be left out,

Only liars and thieves

We can be stronger, even if it's hard to believe

So what? We grew older, still we're just meant to win

Expendable and hopeless,

No one ever has been there for us

from the city to suburbs,

We're down but still not out

Divided youth,

With no place to go

Should be one again

Or this will be our end

This cost me almost everything

Say what you want

it's not smoke and mirrors

we didn't come this far to give up

Divided youth with no place to go